Marti van den Bogert graduated in 2000 from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. In addition to being a designer / visual artist, she is also a biodynamic fruit grower and beekeeper.

“Both Nature and Poetry are my great preferences, this is the basis from which I look at something. A long time ago I discovered that poetry is actually present in everything.

Often I don’t have a clear plan, the work creates something that I find something to hold on to, I will continue to do so. When I paint, but also during the endless arrangement of seeds, branches, stamens, pieces of wood, patterns, structures and layering are created. In these “tissues” I can completely lose myself, a new shape can arise. The unexpected often has enormous beauty. If that catches your eye, it can be highlighted, so that I can show it to the outside world.

Actually, everything can become the beginning of a composition, both nature and waste have great appeal. From seemingly insignificant packaging, candy paper, cans, orange crates, something of significance can arise.

In my studio in Pand9 in Zaltbommel, seeds, bark, leaves, packaging and other found objects with or without oil paint and beeswax are turned into paintings or assemblies.

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